Practice makes perfect.

Client-First Approach

Our practice areas are tailored and focused to each client’s success.

We work with you to create value where it’s needed, and in ways you haven’t even thought of yet.

Legal and Support Services

Residential Mortgage

We provide our clients with a multitude of mortgage services. In fact, our dedicated mortgage group works with our relationship management team and our innovative technology to specialize in the following areas:

  • Foreclosure Prosecution

  • Title and Closing

  • Consumer Litigation Defense


MDK is one of the largest firms in the nation that specializes in foreclosure and bankruptcy work, and we’ve built our reputation in these areas with clients, courts, and judges. We specialize but aren’t limited to the following areas of bankruptcy:

  • Proofs of Claim

  • Transfers of Claim

  • Notices of Payment Change

  • Reaffirmation Agreements

  • Responses to Notices of Final Cure


MDK is purpose-built for high-volume timeshare legal work. Through our dynamic processes, proprietary technologies, and excellent customer service, MDK collaborates and leads clients in their efforts to create value in default and non-default portfolios in a way that emphasizes respect and dignity for all involved. MDK consistently:

  • Finds alternatives to foreclosure or resolves them quickly

  • Reviews title for other interests

  • Deals with bankruptcy-related issues as they arise

  • Sees all aspects of a case from a whole-client point of view

Staff Augmentation

We are an on-demand workforce with tailored experience and servicing industry knowledge to support your organization during a business boom or special project. Our staff of experienced mortgage professionals is available to provide services across product types in areas such as:

  • Management of incoming client emails and written mortgage inquiries

  • Document compliance research and review

  • Payment research and application

  • Deferral research and review

  • Loan reconstruction and reconciliation review

  • Escrow payment review and distribution

Title & Closing

MDK’s affiliated title company, Allodial Regional Title Services has been providing high quality closing services and title insurance products for more than 42 years. We offer comprehensive solutions to realtors, purchasers, borrowers, law firms, mortgage servicers, mortgage lenders, banks and asset management companies.

  • Closing & Title Services

  • Robust Compliance Standards

  • Established Underwriter Relationships


Coast to Coast Services

We approach our legal services as an opportunity to equip clients with strategic advantages by serving as a one-stop shop for all aspects of the default process.

In addition to the careful consideration given to each individual legal matter, MDK provides analysis of trends, opportunities, and risks impacting the total matters under our care—something we call portfolio management. Taking the time to learn the nuances and needs of each client means MDK can provide the most timely and efficient results.


Client-Centered Technology

We have a keen talent for building and deploying technologies to collaborate with clients. We take a progressive, tech-focused approach to practicing law by combining a commanding knowledge of the law with sophisticated technologies. This tech-enabled case management sets MDK apart from other law firms and guarantees clients more value.

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