Defined by your success.


Our clients’ success is how we define our own.

And we help you get there through creative, 360° solutions paired seamlessly with proprietary technology, leading us to provide maximum value and a genuine partnership.

We don’t just add value.

We generate it.

Our value is evident with every interaction. Whether that’s through our specialized knowledge or by doing the repetitive, high-volume work required for compliance, we add what our clients need. How?


No Surprises

‘Surprise!’ is not a word we want our clients to hear. This is why our legal fees are controlled and predictable. We also know our clients’ reputation carries tremendous value, so we will protect it relentlessly. Our experienced lawyers understand the risks to your business, so the word surprise isn’t even in our vocabulary.


We Thrive In The Details

We do the difficult yet necessary work related to processing and compliance so you can put resources toward other areas of your business. In addition, thanks to our attention to detail, creative approach to the law and proprietary technologies, we help you avoid costs through process and team efficiencies; increasing your business’s profitability because there is more time to focus on profit-generating tasks.


We Have What It Takes

There is significant value in the long tenure and industry-specific experience of our attorneys, business professionals and support employees. For over two decades, Fortune 50 companies have trusted us with tens of thousands of matters. Our experience includes work with federal and state agencies, the USA’s largest banks, mortgage-servicing companies and leading brands in the timeshare industry. Value. Generated.


Compliance Directives Implemented Annually

360° Solutions & Service

We are both a legal and a business partner to our clients. In every engagement, we explore the drivers of our clients’ success, then seek to create efficiencies in the mundane legal tasks that interfere with your true business goals. 

You Define Success

Our work begins by understanding each client’s definition of success. You tell us what you want to achieve and we figure out the best, most efficient and most valuable way to get you there. Our business combines multiple services – legal guidance and representation, business analytics, development and application of proprietary technologies, reputation protection, education and training, and assistance with short- and long-term staffing.


Hearings Attended Since 2017

Comprehensive Approach

MDK considers challenges and potential solutions from all angles and points of view, from your team and ours. We take the time to learn the nuances and needs of each client and each jurisdiction in which you operate.

At the beginning of each new relationship, we engage in an extensive dialogue with your team to understand who you are, how you operate and what promises you make to your customers. Once we’ve successfully addressed a clients’ initial issue, we continue to think about what might be improved further for your business and how.

Future Focused

Our service goes beyond the present and immediate future: we anticipate potential challenges and make sure we construct our solutions to avoid them.

360° Solutions


MDK invests in technologies that allow us to develop systems that directly benefit our clients. Our proprietary innovations drive accuracy, efficiency and simplicity for our clients and for MDK.

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