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Uncommon Paths to Success

Your Genuine Career Partners

We work with you to understand your definition of success. You can explore various areas of our professional services and will have opportunities to work with our proprietary technology and the team that created it, engage with clients, learn to provide outstanding client experience, and understand the business of law.

MDK is as great of a place for a long-term career as it is as a career kickstart. We are proud to be your career partners!

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Continuous Improvement

Continued Growth and Learning

We have invested resources in creating learning paths that allow every MDK employee to pursue various educational routes: legal, thought leadership and organizational psychology, as well as all things MDK.

Career Development

Project Learning and Cross Training

Access to MDK’s learning tools and curated curriculum comes together with practical opportunities and on the job training and development. You will be supported by company leaders as you endeavor to explore different areas and dimensions of MDK and apply your problem-solving and creative skills on project level work.


Well-being is Our Priority

We offer a competitive benefits package that includes parental leave, mental health support and migraine and auto-immune management plans. During your interview and on-boarding process, you will also discuss your work model preferences and the amount of time you are looking to spend at home and in the office. We embrace a hybrid work environment and succeeded in creating an office space that encourages collaboration, building connections, and having fun.

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The MDK Culture Council

MDK’s Culture Council gives everyone a chance to be directly involved in shaping MDK culture. Through the Culture Council, our employees start and develop grassroots initiative groups, intramural sports groups, and volunteer activities.