September 26, 2023

Embracing Change: Brian Deas' Legacy and MDK's Strong Leadership Ahead

It is with heartfelt gratitude and a profound sense of appreciation that we announce the retirement of Brian Deas, a pivotal figure in the story of MDK. Brian co-founded the firm alongside Ted Manley in 2002, and since then, his dedication, leadership, and kindness have left an indelible mark on the organization.

Brian's decision to step back from MDK is motivated by a shift in his professional focus. In his new role as the Chief Executive Officer of online auction technology company Roup, Brian will be directly engaging with sheriffs and navigating legal landscapes where neutrality is paramount. Being unaffiliated with any particular firm ensures that Roup maintains a neutral position, essential for effective collaboration and service in this specialized field.

Trusted Leaders, Innovative Problem Solvers

As we bid farewell to Brian, we look forward to a bright future for MDK. The firm remains dedicated to its mission and will continue its journey into the MDK Next Gen era under the leadership of CEO Ted Manley. Supported by a seasoned executive team, dedicated practice group directors and a cohort of experienced attorneys, we are confident that MDK will continue to thrive and uphold the legacy that Brian helped build.  

Learn more about our Executive Team here:

Ted Manley, Co-Founder and CEO: With his extensive experience and insightful leadership, Ted has been an instrumental figure in shaping MDK's growth and success. His strategic vision and dedication to the firm's mission have positioned MDK as a leading legal entity within the industry.

Matt Kahnert, Executive Director of Accounting and Finance: Matt brings a wealth of financial expertise to MDK. With a keen eye for financial strategy and fiscal responsibility, he plays a pivotal role in guiding our financial initiatives.

Ben Ogg, Executive Director of Legal and Compliance: Ben stands at the helm of legal excellence within MDK. With a deep understanding of legal intricacies and a commitment to upholding the law, he ensures the highest standards of legal representation for our clients.

Ed Rudd, Executive Director of Technology: Ed leads the charge in keeping MDK at the forefront of technological advancements. His strategic oversight of IT operations and innovative solutions help us maintain a robust and secure technological infrastructure, enabling seamless legal operations.

Megan Spanner, Executive Director of Relationship Management: Megan is a key architect in maintaining strong and lasting relationships with our clients and partners at MDK. With her strategic approach and dedication to fostering meaningful connections, she ensures that our clients receive exceptional service and support, reinforcing MDK's commitment to client satisfaction and success.

Amy Vallance, Executive Director of Human Resources: Amy plays a critical role in nurturing a dynamic and collaborative work environment at MDK. With her expertise in human resources management, she ensures the development and well-being of our team, contributing to the overall success of the firm.

On a Mission for Your Success

Brian, thank you for your invaluable contributions and for being an integral part of MDK's success story. Your impact will be felt for years to come, and we wish you all the best at Roup.

As we move forward into the MDK Next Gen era, we are confident in the capabilities and dedication of our executive team and practice group directors. Their collective expertise will guide us towards continued success and a prosperous future, upholding the legacy and values that MDK has stood for over the years.

For more details about our dedicated team of professionals, including practice group directors and attorneys, please visit Team MDK here.

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