Richard J. Sykora

Director of Ohio Practice Group

Richard Sykora has concentrated on all aspects of foreclosure matters since 2014.  He adopts a business-oriented approach to create and establish innovative solutions in a rapidly changing legal landscape.

Meet Richard Sykora, MDK’s Ohio Practice Group Director. Richard's practice is dynamic and diverse, from communicating with high-level client contacts to working on processes with team members. He manages the lien monitoring and evictions portfolios for the Ohio practice group, showcasing his ability to handle a wide range of responsibilities with ease. "I consider myself to be very intrinsically motivated. I want to learn and grow both personally and professionally, to be a resource, to be a mentor, to provide the best support I can. Essentially, I want to be 'the man in the arena' to quote Teddy Roosevelt," he says.

Richard excels in building strong interpersonal relationships, believing that success is more attainable with respect, kindness, and preparation, especially in matters that require litigation. He applies these principles to everyone he encounters, from court staff to federal judges to opposing counsels, striving to understand their motivations and find solutions that benefit all parties involved. "On one hand, the role of Practice Group Director involves diving into complex legal problems and situations on behalf of clients to secure the best result based on the circumstances. But on the other hand, the role entails navigating different personalities to foster positive and professional relationships, and to bridge gaps when there are different viewpoints or motivations."

Richard’s top priorities at MDK include leading the Ohio practice to new levels of success, encompassing both professional achievement and personal fulfillment. He strives to deliver exceptional legal work for clients, promote MDK to encourage new clients and potential lines of business, and be regarded as a reliable and knowledgeable resource when called upon. He is committed to providing mentorship, fostering growth, and creating opportunities for the MDK team, drawing inspiration from his own experience when he joined the firm in 2017. Reflecting on that time, Richard recalls, "When I was hired at MDK, I was brought into a community. My direct supervisor saw potential in me (to an extent that even I might not have realized) and cultivated my growth personally. This did not come without challenges, but with the support, I was able to rise to the occasions as they came."

Richard believes MDK differs from a traditional law firm in its flexibility. MDK's mission statement- we create uncommon paths to success for our clients and ourselves- signifies to Richard a willingness to explore, accept differing viewpoints, and support the attempt of different avenues to accomplish goals without fear. He sees it as a guiding principle that encourages innovation and open-mindedness within the firm.  Richard highlights MDK's unique ability to analyze its current processes, despite historical success, and make necessary changes, such as adopting Agile methodologies.  

Outside of work, Richard enjoys spending time with his fiancé, exploring new places, and traveling. He is an avid sports fan, supporting the Cleveland Browns and West Ham United, and stays active through weightlifting and running. Richard values his family and friends, cherishing the time spent with loved ones. Success starts with relationships, and Richard excels in building them. His collaborative approach fosters trust and understanding, leading to win-win outcomes.

* Please note that
Richard J. Sykora
is not an attorney.

University of Akron School of Law, J.D., 2014

Hilbert College, B.S., 2011

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Appellate and Major Motions Consumer Litigation Defense Foreclosure Prosecution Mediation

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Ohio, 2015

Title Agent Licensure

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NBI Distinguished Faculty Member