Amy E. Vallance

Executive Director of Human Resources

With Amy Vallance at the helm, MDK’s unique culture continues to embody our values of respect, creativity, engagement, collaboration and advancement. Her standout efforts have been recognized with national and local best workplace awards.

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Amy Vallance serves as the Executive Director of Human Resources at MDK, where her passion for fostering a positive workplace culture and witnessing the growth and success of others drives her daily efforts. In her own words, she expresses, "I love the collaboration aspect of my role with all other leaders of the organization. Helping to drive a positive workplace culture, and seeing others grow and succeed in their careers, is so rewarding to me."

With over 15 years of active membership in Society for Human Resources Management and Human Resources Association of Central Ohio, Amy brings a wealth of experience to her role, leading various aspects of MDK’s Human Resources. Joining MDK 2008, her core specialties include recruitment, employee relations, benefit administration, and strategic planning, all geared towards supporting the firm's overall goals. Amy's day-to-day activities are dynamic, involving morning huddles with her team, reviewing recruiting activities, addressing policy or performance management, and focusing on strategic goals.

Amy's greatest strengths lie in navigating diverse challenges, and she excels in listening to varied perspectives to make decisions that move MDK forward. “The very definition of Human Resources is to manage and support the organization’s workforce so that company goals are achieved. I facilitate communication between leadership and employees, address concerns, and align HR strategies with the firm’s overall business goals. I work most closely with Finance and Operations daily, but usually interact with all dimensions of the business each day,” she says.

Beyond her professional achievements, Amy aspires to be known as a trusted Human Resources professional who is fair, strategic, and adept at problem-solving. Her standout quality is flexibility, allowing her to tackle challenges with seemingly impossible goals or deadlines. Amy attributes her success to unstoppable effort and finds fulfillment in working at MDK due to the people she collaborates with and the firm's commitment to being the best.

Amy appreciates MDK's unique value of work-life balance, distinguishing it from traditional law firms. She emphasizes the importance of respect among values, believing that it creates an environment where all other values can be practiced with ease. Outside of work, Amy stays busy with her three daughters' sports activities, enjoys attending concerts, working out, reading, and cooking. Through her dedication and commitment, Amy Vallance plays a pivotal role in shaping the positive and innovative culture at MDK.

* Please note that
Amy E. Vallance
is not an attorney.

The Ohio State University, B.S., 2004

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