Jordan A. Zeppetello


Jordan Zeppetello specializes in advocating for timeshare resort developers with a blend of legal prowess and unmatched pragmatism. Energetically dedicated to navigating the unique intricacies of the timeshare industry, she is the go-to advocate for creating value in default and non-default portfolios in a way that emphasizes respect and dignity for all.

Meet Jordan Zeppetello, an attorney at MDK based in our Orlando office, specializing in non-judicial timeshare work. Jordan is a dedicated advocate with a strong focus on managing and litigating a substantial caseload of default servicing matters related to timeshare foreclosure actions. Her responsibilities encompass drafting and presenting essential motions for both routine and contested timeshare foreclosure cases, maintaining open communication with clients to ensure top-tier representation, and overseeing paralegal staff and administrative affairs.

Before her tenure as an attorney, Jordan refined her skills as a paralegal within MDK’s Illinois legal pod. This experience provided her with invaluable insights into the intricate preparations and comprehensive understanding necessary for effective legal work. Jordan's greatest strength in the legal domain lies in her voracious desire to comprehend the entire process, always seeking a deep understanding of legal actions.

In her own words, Jordan describes her approach to her practice, stating, "I am deeply committed to the entire process. I believe in asking a myriad of questions, always striving for a thorough understanding of the 'why' behind our actions and decisions." This dedication to comprehending the underlying motivations and intricacies of legal proceedings sets her apart, enabling her to craft compelling strategies and advocate effectively for her clients.

At MDK, she deeply values the welcoming and patient atmosphere that aligns with the organization's core values of respect and creativity. "When I think about the values that truly strike a chord with me, it's the culture of respect and creativity that really hit home. At MDK, everyone's genuinely respectful, and that sets the tone for a place where creativity thrives. I've seen it firsthand—with Casee, for MDK's case management platform, people here are quick to jump in, suggest, and make things happen in the most creative ways," she says.

Jordan is inspired by MDK's mission to foster growth from within the organization and is eager to continue embodying these principles in her legal career. As she aptly puts it, "I want my work to speak volumes about dedication and excellence."

* Please note that
Jordan A. Zeppetello
is not an attorney.

Barry University School of Law, J.D., 2023

Le Moyne College, B.S., 2020

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Florida, 2023

Title Agent Licensure

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