J. Megan Spanner

Executive Director of Relationship Management

Megan Spanner collaborates with MDK’s lawyers across practice areas to expand the firm's business with new and existing clients, identify emerging legal issues and industry trends, and launch business development initiatives.

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Megan Spanner, the Executive Director of Relationship Management and Business Development (RMBD) at MDK, possesses a profound passion for her role, shaped by years of personal development. With a tenure at MDK beginning in 2005, Megan's professional journey has evolved from a paralegal role to spearheading the asset recovery department and eventually founding the firm’s client relations group. Her day-to-day responsibilities involve analyzing market trends, building brand awareness, leading marketing activations, and implementing growth strategies.

As Megan puts it, "Today my role encompasses relationship management, sales, and marketing. I love that I have been able to create a team of talented people that are dedicated to supporting each other and producing excellent results. Together we achieve continual growth for the firm and ourselves. There is nothing better than being part of an amazing team."

Megan's commitment goes beyond the job to the entire ecosystem at MDK. She states, "I really care about what happens here, with our staff, our clients and with the quality of our work. We are lucky to have dedicated and talented people here at MDK. Over the years, we've been able to create a culture where employees feel a deep connection and commitment to this place, how it's perceived by our clients, and the industries we work in."

In her role as Executive Director of RMBD, Megan serves as a vital bridge connecting clients with the firm's leadership. Her team ensures that clients receive exceptional support, providing a consistent experience on every case, every day. Megan collaborates with MDK's lawyers, practice group directors, and management to expand the firm's business, identify emerging legal issues, and launch business development initiatives.

Megan's success is rooted in the ability to make challenging decisions, balancing the priorities of those most impacted to achieve high value for the organization. MDK, according to Megan, stands out from traditional law firms due to its dynamic culture, respectful environment, and a willingness to embrace challenges as opportunities for innovative solutions.

Outside of work, Megan enjoys a bustling family life, raising two children with her husband. Her personal interests include taking her daughter to horseback riding lessons, playing games with her son, reading fiction, outdoor adventures with her energetic dogs, and exploring culinary delights with her husband. Megan’s journey at MDK reflects a commitment to growth, innovation, and building strong relationships within and beyond the firm.

* Please note that
J. Megan Spanner
is not an attorney.

Ohio University, B.A., 2004
University of Cincinnati, Post Baccalaureate Certificate, Paralegal Studies, 2005

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