June 24, 2022

Meet MDK's Managers: Rebecca Smith

My name is Rebecca L. Smith and I am the Manager of the Accounting-Operations Department at MDK.

I came to MDK in November 2010, starting in the Title Production Department as a Title Preparer. It was during that time that I discovered my interest in training others by creating comprehensive training materials that were not only informative, but also easy to follow.

In the fall of 2012, I accepted the position of Attorney Assistant within the Attorney Support Department. For over three years, I assisted Attorney Justin Ritch. I enjoyed preparing legal documents, preparing Justin for hearings, ensuring deadlines were met, and I learned about the entire foreclosure process. This knowledge has helped me continue to grow within MDK.

In 2016 I returned to the Title Production Department as a Team Lead so I could continue my leadership path. My team consisted of Title Abstractors, Title vendor Coordinators, and Client Systems Specialists. I took pride in once again using my creativity to produce numerous training materials for my team. This helped immensely when employees were trained on new tasks, or when covering someone’s vacation. I took initiative to learn new procedures, and I dug into issues to brainstorm ways to streamline processes.

In 2017 I accepted the position of Assistant Manager of the Accounting-Operations Department. The Accounting-Operations Department is responsible for creating invoices, submitting invoices, and collecting on unpaid invoices. During my time as Assistant Manager, I was able to help drastically decrease the amount of unpaid invoices by digging into the Accounts Receivable reports and communicate with our clients to ensure invoices were paid. I also created extensive training guides for the various processes our department handled.

In June of 2019, I reached my goal. I was promoted to Manager of the Accounting-Operations Department! Although it may seem strange that someone who graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design is an Accounting Manager, it is actually a great fit for me! I am a creative person, and I use my creativity to come up with solutions, improve processes, and implement new procedures. Accounting-Operations is very challenging and interesting. Instead of specializing in one part of the process, my department has to understand the entire process of various case types. Additionally, each client, and investor, has different invoicing requirements that must be followed so our invoices can be paid. These requirements change frequently, and it keeps me on my toes, as Accounting-Operations is assigned the most client procedure communications of all departments at MDK. Every day is a learning experience and I am so grateful for the incredibly talented people in my department!

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time and traveling with my Husband, Ben, and our two amazing children: Nevaeh and Evelyn. Between Girl Scouts, soccer, swimming, and Taekwondo, we stay very busy. As if that wasn’t enough, in June of 2020 I started my own Stained Glass and Mosaics business: Lotus Boulevard, LLC. I have made everything from stained glass animal portraits to a mosaic mailbox.

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