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October 5, 2023

A Day in the Life of Beth Nieman

Join us for a day tagging along with Beth Nieman, MDK's manager of client development, as she hits the road for a client visit. We'll get a taste of her world—full of team meetings, client catch-ups, a sprinkle of Lego adventures with her husband Kent, and the magic of building those real life connections!

7:00 AM - Rise and Shine: Cat Edition

My day kicks off with a feline alarm clock named Pepper Potts. She's the CEO of "Feed Me Now" Inc. I try to reason with her that it's too early for breakfast, but she's a tough negotiator. If you wondered, negotiations consist of her lounging on top of me with intermittent paw-to-face touches, claws optional.

7:30 AM - Morning Brew and Nature

Once Pepper is fed and content, I get myself a cup of coffee from the real MVP of our house, my Keurig. Listen, I don’t want to hear how it’s not good coffee, I know. But It's the perfect amount for me, as my husband isn't a coffee drinker and I have no business drinking an entire pot. I enjoy my coffee on the patio, listening to the birds, looking at the trees and breathing in fresh air.

8:00 AM - On the Road

Today is a client lunch meeting out of town. I hop into my car and head to the office to meet Ted Manley and Megan Spanner, so we can carpool together. A true crime podcast keeps me company on the drive, because, well, why not try to solve a mystery before discussing real-life business over lunch?

9:00 AM - Prepping and En Route

As we drive to our meeting, we dive into our meeting prep, reviewing reports and preparing ourselves with knowledge about the people we'll be meeting. On the agenda? Discussions on timelines, scorecards and referral volume.

12:00 PM - Client Lunch

We get into town and meet with three clients at a local restaurant. Over the meal, we discuss not just business but the significant milestones and plans of our families, especially the young ones transitioning into new phases of life.

2:30 PM - Quirks of the Afternoon: Gas Pit Stops and Tiny Misadventures

At the gas station, a seemingly simple task turns into a mini adventure. Note to self: never underestimate the dramatic potential of a malfunctioning gas pump and a bottle of Perrier.

4:00 PM - Wrapping Up the Workday

Typically, my days are bustling with a multitude of to-dos, from engaging in a mix of MDK and client meetings to orchestrating upcoming sponsorships and extracting metrics for client reports. However, being on the road all day altered the usual course. Instead, my focus zeroed on a touch base discussion with the incredible Jasmine Cole once I was back at the office.  

5:00 PM - Music Break: Getting in the Evening Groove

After our call, my current on repeat musical companions, Fall Out Boy and the Sweeney Todd Broadway soundtrack, joined the scene on the drive home.

5:30 PM - Evening Comfort: Leggings and Hoodies

The day ends, and the business attire is promptly replaced with the ultimate comfort combo: leggings and a Titans hoodie. A declaration of war on uncomfortable clothing, and unwavering support to a mediocre team.

6:00 PM - Porch Time with Jorts: Neighborhood Chronicles

Jorts, the friendly neighborhood cat, joins me on the porch. We share stories, ponder life, and discuss the antics of the local raccoon population. I promise I’m not a crazy cat lady, just a bleeding heart.

7:00 PM - Culinary Creativity: Pizza Egg Rolls Extravaganza

Dinner is an experiment - pizza egg rolls. It's a rebellious twist on a classic, a symphony of flavors wrapped in an egg roll. Who says pizza can't have a cool makeover?

8:00 PM - Lego Fun and Football

Post-dinner, my husband Kent and I embark on a Lego adventure, working on an Indiana Jones set while catching up on some football.

10:00 PM -Winding Down: Games and Brain Teasers

Before bed, I unwind with some Animal Crossing and word puzzles. It's my way to relax and escape the day, just a tad. And then, with a sprinkle of sass and a cup of coffee ready for the morning, I head to bed, fully prepared to tackle whatever adventures the new day might throw my way.

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