November 8, 2023

A Day in the Life of Jasmine Cole

Step into the vibrant world of Jasmine Cole, relationship marketing specialist at MDK. Jasmine's exceptional talent lies in cultivating and nurturing enduring client relationships, a skill in which she truly excels.

One of the day's most anticipated moments for Jasmine is her participation in the ARDA-WIN's Pinktober event, a charity event benefiting the National Breast Cancer Foundation, in which MDK proudly serves as a co-sponsor.

Come along as we share in the experiences of her remarkable day!

7:30 AM - Greetings and Matcha Love  

I begin my day with a warm good morning to my furry friend Boo Boo, my adorable pomapoo. Lately, I've been into matcha lemonade – it's a bit of an obsession. Matcha is just one of those things I can't resist; I'll have it in any form, even as ice cream.

My dog Boo Boo

8:30 AM - Starting the Workday  

Today is a work-from-home Wednesday for me. Once a week, you'll usually find me at MDK's Orlando office. I dive into work by checking emails, perusing my calendar to scope out the day's client calls, and getting organized for the day ahead.

9:30 AM - Client Dashboard Reports

Once my inbox is organized, I shift my focus to creating and sending client dashboard reports. These reports serve as our compass, helping us navigate through tasks in different jurisdictions to ensure cases keep moving forward.

10:00 AM - First Client Call of the Day  

I have my first client call of the day, and this time it's with a client in Illinois. I'm joined by a team including Zach Manchester, Illinois practice group director, Tyler from Client Reporting, and Katie from Compliance. During the call, we cover our monthly goals, review scorecards, discuss loan-level updates, and leave room for questions from the team.  

I make sure to post a recap in Teams to keep everyone in the loop, complete with a copy of the call's agenda that features loan specifics and scorecard data. The client had some kind words to share about our performance and working relationship, and I'm thrilled to relay that feedback to the team. It's always great to hear that our clients are happy with MDK!

12:00 PM - Lunch with Megan Spanner  

Lunchtime today is all about catching up with Megan Spanner, who's in town from MDK's HQ in Columbus. We head to Delaney's Tavern, one of my favorite lunch spots downtown. Unfortunately, the Orlando weather is still sizzling, despite it being fall, so dining outside is off the table.

Over burrata flatbread and spinach salads, we catch up and discuss last-minute details for tonight’s ARDA-WIN Pinktober event. We're both excited to see clients and colleagues.

1:30 PM - Work Reports and Silent Auction Prep  

After lunch, I take a moment to run and send some quick work reports. Then, it's time to put together a spa-inspired gift basket for the evening's silent auction. What's inside? A West Elm blanket, a Voluspa candle, an Eberjay gift card, and some sweet Piper Heidsieck candy.

3:00 PM - Weekly Meeting and Project Updates  

I have a quick touch base with Beth Nieman. This time, we discuss open items that need addressing, updates to a client matrix, and dividing responsibilities for upcoming projects.

With Jordan Zeppetello and Jasmin Hernandez

4:00 PM – Getting Ready for Pinktober

Before heading to Rocco's Tacos to set up for Pinktober, I make a quick outfit change for the event, ensuring I'm decked out in shades of pink for the event.  

5:00 PM - Pinktober Event in Full Swing

Pinktober is in full swing, and I take the opportunity to greet some clients and members of MDK’s timeshare team, including practice group director Valerie Edgecombe and attorneys Jasmin Hernandez and Jordan Zeppetello. I'm grateful that we've got a roomy space for the event, as it's packed with attendees.

5:30 PM - Inspirational Speaker  

We're treated to a moving speaker session by a survivor from the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Her words are powerful and heartfelt, and she expresses her gratitude for our support.

6:00 PM - Mingling and Auction  

As we mingle and enjoy delicious treats like taquitos, Mexican street corn, salsa and guac, we explore the silent auction, encouraging people to bid in support of a good cause. I make a bid on our gift spa basket and a trip to Mexico.

7:00 PM - Silent Auction Winner  

The moment of truth arrives as the silent auction winners are announced. I'm thrilled to learn that I've won the gift basket!

Pinktober turns out to be a tremendous success, raising $28,500, surpassing our $8,000 goal. Thank you to everyone who attended!

8:00 PM – Living MDK’s Values Through Engagement and Advancement

Back at home, I take a moment to play with Boo Boo and treat him to his favorite unsweetened applesauce before diving into my homework. I’m taking a Social Media Marketing course through Meta. I just started but we’ll be learning about different platforms, analytics and campaign creation. My homework this week is to create smart goals and KPIs for a business plan.  

9:00 PM - Relaxing with Pinterest  

With my homework done and Boo Boo content, I take a moment to unwind by exploring Pinterest. I immerse myself in home decor, architecture, interior design, and, of course, recipes to decide on what's for dinner tomorrow.

10:00 PM - Wrapping Up  

And with that, the day comes to a close. It's been a fulfilling and eventful day, and I'm ready to rest up and gear up for whatever tomorrow brings.

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