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August 24, 2023

A Day in the Life of Jenna Rogers

Step into the bustling world of Jenna Rogers, an accomplished senior attorney at MDK, who navigates the intricacies of law from the heart of our Chicago office.

7:00 AM - Enjoying the Serenity

Today I’m working from home, and I take a moment to appreciate the tranquility before getting into the swing of things. A cup of my favorite Starbucks K-cup coffee helps me wake up and gear up for the day ahead.

8:00 AM - Family Time and Drop-off

It's time to kick off the day with my four-year-old son, Bryce. I drop him off at camp, and during the ride, we catch up on his plans and activities. He's curious about my day too!

8:30 AM – Time to Start the Day

Back at my desk, I dive straight into the workday. My morning routine involves drafting motions and staying on top of email. I make sure to be available to my clients and colleagues throughout the day.

1:00 PM – Lunchtime!

After a productive morning, I pause for a healthy lunch. Today, it's an acai bowl with chia seeds, fruits, and almond butter to keep me full and focused for the rest of the day.

1:30 PM - 1:1 with Lenka

I have a meeting with rockstar Lenka, our senior paralegal, to discuss ongoing cases. I truly value her expertise and ability to make things happen smoothly.

2:00 PM – Chicago Team Collaboration Session

I believe in continuous growth as an attorney, so I chat with Zach Manchester, Ed Peterka and Andrew Weiss on a pleading. Their experience and insights are always helpful, especially when dealing with cases based on precedent.

2:30 PM - Court Appearances

This afternoon, I'm preparing for court appearances, which often involve eviction and foreclosure cases. While most proceedings are virtual these days, there are some in-person hearings in specific counties, especially if the matter is contested. Today's matters are virtual and in the span of one hour, I handle three cases, using my iPad and laptop for seamless appearances.

3:30 PM - Balancing Work and Parenting

Taking a brief break from work, I pick up Bryce from camp. While waiting in the (very long) carpool line, I use the time to catch up on email and sign pleadings.

5:00 PM - T-Ball Practice and Flexibility

I head to Bryce's T-ball practice, where I find some moments to work on my laptop while cheering him on. I'm grateful for the flexibility my job allows, which lets me be present with my son.

6:00 PM - Quality Time with Bryce

Back home, Bryce and I team up to prepare dinner together. The hope is that as sous chef, he’ll be inspired to eat his dinner and try new foods- maybe! These moments are precious, and we enjoy a family meal, cherishing the time spent together.

7:00 PM – Connecting with Family

After dinner, we have our daily Facetime session with my parents, who Bryce affectionately calls Nay-na and Poppy.

8:00 PM - Personal Time and Reflection

With Bryce peacefully asleep, I take some time for myself. For me, that usually means getting lost in a good book like my current read, "The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo".

Closing Thoughts

As the day winds down, I remind myself to appreciate life's simple joys and make time for them. Bryce is incredibly special to me, and being a committed parent brings me immense happiness. My legal career and family life are both integral, and finding a balance between them makes each day fulfilling. And tomorrow, I will do it all over again!

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