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January 23, 2023

Introducing the New MDK

We’re celebrating MDK’s twentieth year in business with a very special debut! It’s our pleasure to introduce you to our new website and brand identity, setting the stage for the next chapter in MDK's evolution.

MDK has been undergoing a significant transformation to an agile workforce and our evolved goals required a refresh of our brand promise and visual identity. Today, we are excited to share our new look that reflects who we are today and symbolizes our future.

MDK’s Logo: The Celtic Knot

After careful consideration, we chose a logo that captures our mission of creating uncommon paths to success. Based loosely on an ancient symbol called the Celtic Knot, the path in this logo creates an infinite loop that generates energy and motion as the eye follows it. You’ll notice it abstractly creates visual elements that represent M, D & K. Our logo has been designed to express MDK’s tried and true identity- we are legal leaders, problem solvers and innovators- while moving the brand forward into our third decade.

MDK’s Tagline: Uncommon Paths to Success

While it might seem unusual, uncommon, even, for a business to use a variation of its mission statement (our mission statement is: “We create uncommon paths to success for our clients and ourselves.”) as its tagline, there’s nothing that says it should not be done. It’s the perfect choice for us. First and foremost, the word “uncommon” is a foundation for the creativity that is so integral to MDK as a legal service provider.

“Uncommon Paths to Success” says from the outset that we view and approach legal matters differently. That, in turn, leads to how we seek to master existing methods so we discover original ways to approach the work you need done.

MDK's New Website

All of MDK’s written and visual elements have come together to form the new manleydeas.com. The site is a brand-new experience from beginning to end and is your destination for everything MDK. Read our blog, get to know our attorneys and connect with us. Regarding the new website, Megan Spanner, Director of Relationship Management, said: “We can’t wait to share how we are on a mission for our clients' success and the paths we use to get there.”

As with any major update, we are excited to hear your thoughts! Please take a look around and let us know what you think.

About MDK

MDK was born in 2002 when Ted Manley and Brian Deas set out to create a default services law firm. With a little time, a lot of effort and a huge amount of support, MDK has evolved to blend technology with legal know-how to become a comprehensive legal and professional services provider.    

Today our offerings combine multiple services – legal guidance and representation, business analytics, development and application of proprietary technologies, reputation protection, and assistance with short- and long-term staffing.

In this way, we are both a legal and a business partner. In every engagement, we explore the drivers of our clients’ success, then seek to remove the mundane legal tasks that interfere with their true business goals. We get there through creative, 360° solutions paired seamlessly with proprietary technology, leading us to provide maximum value and a genuine partnership.  

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