Stephanie A. Reinhart-Rock

Director of Indiana Practice Group

Stephanie Reinhart-Rock combines deep knowledge of Indiana law with well-honed judgment to help mortgage servicing clients solve complex matters. Widely recognized for her strategic and practical approach, she guides clients through a wide range of issues, disputes, and compliance challenges.

Stephanie Reinhart-Rock, MDK’s Indiana Practice Group Director, epitomizes a compassionate leader with a passion for building better processes, relationships, and business outcomes. Stephanie shares, "I am an optimistic person who has always found value and joy in any job I do; however, since the firm transitioned to an agile model, I have found true passion in building things. From building better processes to cultivating relationships with employees and clients, to building business; I love the feeling of turning individual pieces of information into better outcomes for both MDK and our clients."

With nearly two decades in default services, Stephanie's career path is woven with a strong work ethic and trust in experiences that have molded her expertise. She values gut instinct, recognizing it as a blend of knowledge picked up over time through various life experiences. Notably, Stephanie has been recognized by Best Lawyers for Mortgage Banking Foreclosure Law, highlighting her exceptional expertise in the legal field and the respect she has garnered from her peers.

As the leader of MDK's Indiana practice, Stephanie specializes in residential mortgage default services, overseeing foreclosure prosecution and litigation defense. In her role, Stephanie's day-to-day activities are multifaceted, ranging from drafting legal pleadings to analyzing Indiana practice data and firm KPIs. Her leadership, communication skills, and compassion are her greatest strengths, enabling her to connect with people from all walks of life.

Stephanie is actively involved in professional memberships, contributing to the Government Affairs Committee for Indiana Land Title Association and volunteering with the Hospice Pro Bono Program. Additionally, she is a valuable contributor to MDK's blog, the MDK News Break, where her insights and expertise enrich the legal community.

Stephanie joined MDK in 2010, opening the firm’s Indiana office as an Associate Attorney and later becoming the Managing Attorney before assuming the role of Practice Group Director. She values the flexibility and autonomy that MDK provides, allowing her to achieve goals while maintaining ethical standards and compliance.

“I want to be known as a compassionate leader and a reliable, respectful, and respected member of the Bar. I want to leave a legacy of growth through a thoughtful and practical approach,” Stephanie says. Her ability to set ego aside, stay practical, and trust in herself has been the key to her success. Stephanie sees MDK as different from traditional law firms, emphasizing the company's commitment to creating an atmosphere that encourages a balanced life for employees.

Stephanie deeply connects with the value of engagement, believing in its transformative power: “as a leader and as an employee, I have seen and experienced how much of a difference it makes to success when a person is engaged in their work. Connecting with the mission allows each employee to take ownership of their successes and failures. Truly being engaged in the outcome brings out the best in people.”

Stephanie sees MDK's mission - creating uncommon paths to success for our clients and ourselves - as a seamless blend of accomplishments and resisting the status quo to shape a better future. Outside of work, Stephanie, a mother of three, enjoys family activities, cooking, walking in nature, and savoring moments with friends over bonfires. Stephanie Reinhart-Rock stands out as a leader who combines optimism, practicality, and compassion to drive success at MDK.

* Please note that
Stephanie A. Reinhart-Rock
is not an attorney.

The University of Akron School of Law, J.D., magna cum laude, 2004
Walsh University, B.A., cum laude, 1999

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United States District Court for the Northern District of Indiana United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana Indiana, 2004

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Best Lawyers in America, Mortgage Banking Foreclosure Law