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May 18, 2022

MDK: Bringing Transparency to the Attorney-Client Relationship

It’s the perfect, if somewhat uncommon, storyline.

A premier timeshare company agrees to try out a new law firm, one that’s unknown in the industry but shows promise. The law firm impresses offering alternatives, process efficiencies, and technological solutions that have not previously been tried in the industry. This approach promises that the firm will save the company time, money and headache by increasing the efficient return of defaulted inventory back into the sales cycle.  

The law firm quickly demonstrates progress. Success builds trust, the relationship expands, and the two businesses forge ahead together, disregarding norms and building an entirely unique approach to how the timeshare industry can work better for everyone involved.

This is the path that brought MDK into the timeshare industry in 2016. Prior to becoming a trusted solution for developers, default servicing had been our focus for 20 years, representing the nation’s top banks and mortgage servicing companies.  

By exploring the business and legal drivers of each engagement, MDK tailors its services to deliver efficiency, transparency, and predictable success. And since our introduction into the timeshare industry, we have helped clients improve the management of their default inventory by providing:

  • Comprehensive services offered coast to coast
  • Efficient, quality services at flat fee rates  
  • Client-centered technology solutions

Comprehensive Services Coast to Coast

MDK approaches our legal services as an opportunity to equip clients with strategic advantages by serving as a one-stop shop for all aspects of the default process. Our comprehensive services include:  

  • Foreclosure  
  • Bankruptcy
  • Compliance Consultation
  • Deed Back Transactions
  • Title and Closing

In addition to the careful consideration given to each individual legal matter, we provide analysis of trends, opportunities, and risks impacting the total matters under our care—something we call portfolio management. Taking the time to learn the nuances and needs of each client means MDK can provide the most timely and efficient results.

And with its deep ties to the default industry, MDK’s Orlando-based timeshare practice can provide services beyond Florida – from South Carolina to California and Hawaii. The jurisdictional needs of each client are met by utilizing MDK attorneys licensed across the country, as well as a nationwide network of local counsel.

Budgeting Certainty

All of this is accomplished under MDK’s flat-fee delivery model, allowing for budgeting certainty. In every engagement, uniform fees are defined clearly within a tightly controlled scope of work to ensure that our clients get the most out of the budget for their legal departments.

There are also value-adds that we provide that clients never pay more for, like in-depth legal research, dedicated customer support and on-site training. In the final calculation, clients pay less, while more of the fees are offset by efficiencies and reclaimed point values.

Client-Centered Technology

MDK has a keen talent for building and deploying technologies to collaborate with clients. We take a progressive, tech-focused approach to practicing law by combining top quality expertise with sophisticated technologies to solve routine legal problems. This tech-enabled case management sets MDK apart from other law firms and guarantees clients more value.

Our latest client-centered innovation is the MDK Client CoLab, an interactive case management tool that provides a window into case details and a place to collaborate on the client-side of litigation matters. You can do it all - track progress, view notes, assign tasks, create reports, and even notarize documents with seamless DocuSign™ integration. The CoLab, which is unique in the industry, brings both agility and transparency to the client partnership.

MDK is redefining the typical attorney-client experience. From unrivaled technology to unwavering client commitment, MDK’s approach is a model of quality and efficiency. For more details on MDK’s services, please contact Megan Spanner at jms@manleydeas.com.

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