February 28, 2024

A Day in the Life of Brittany Anderson

Get a glimpse into the vibrant day of Brittany Anderson, Director of Business Development at MDK. Her journey blends professional growth, team collaboration, and personal interests, making her a vital part of the company's success. Follow along as Brittany navigates through her day!

8:00 am - Morning Routine

I start my day awakened by my playful kitten, Mabel, who is always ready for some morning playtime. Over scrambled eggs with feta and a cup of tea for breakfast, I sit down with my book club's current read, "Mad Honey." I'm trying to spend less time scrolling on my phone and more time reading, so this quiet morning is a perfect start to my day.

9:00 am – Relationship Management Team Meeting

The morning kicks off with a team meeting, where my colleagues Megan Spanner, Jenna Rogers, Luke Elder, Beth Nieman, Liz Monachino, Jasmine Cole and I, who have been working together for so long that we've become more than just coworkers, we're friends, discuss our priorities for the week.  

My focus includes crafting marketing materials, like editing a recent residential real estate blog post, publishing Practice Group Director Adam Hall’s recap of the NACTT bankruptcy conference we attended and following up on ARDA-WIN connections from the Orlando conference. Seeing all three of MDK's practice areas- residential mortgage, timeshare, and bankruptcy- represented is energizing!

10:00 am - Culture Council Meeting

Next, I participate in MDK’s Culture Council meeting with Meghan Strader and Jayna McCort. We have a brainstorming session for upcoming events with Besa, including putting together toiletry kits for the Ronald McDonald House. Meghan pitched a great idea - organizing a firmwide book drive- that would expand access to books in our community, making a real difference.

CRM Implementation with Beth Nieman

11:00 am - Professional Development Seminar

The day continues with a "Pillars of Leadership" professional development seminar with members from MDK's leadership teams. Mike Bukach, a familiar face from other MDK courses, guides us through discussions on effective leadership and employee engagement. We are given homework for the next session: questions about what we want our legacy at MDK to be, what value we embody the most, and who we look up to at the firm.

12:00 pm - Lunch

Lunchtime offers a moment of culinary delight as I enjoy the leftovers from last night's dinner. I made a whole roast chicken cooked in a cast iron skillet from a New York Times recipe, served alongside potatoes and salad. Lunch is a satisfying break in my day, providing a moment to recharge before diving back into work.

12:45 pm - CRM Implementation

After lunch, I have a quick touch base with Beth Nieman on the new customer relationship management software we are implementing. Right now, we are working on getting organized, loading our contacts, and building the sales pipeline.

2:00 pm - Client Pitch Deck

In the afternoon, I work on a pitch deck for a current client alongside Meredith Wooters, who is MDK's Practice Group Director and subject matter expert for Pennsylvania. We review scorecards, research the parameters of our current engagement, and work on messaging.

3:00 pm – Off to the Airport

As the day winds down, I leave for the airport with Megan Spanner. We are going to the GNEX Conference in Miami, a timeshare event. While we are waiting to board, the airport becomes our temporary workspace. Virtual networking, catching up on Teams messages, and connecting on LinkedIn – my key tool for setting up conference meetings – keep the momentum going. The conference beckons, brimming with professional connections and industry insights. Time to take flight!

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With Megan Spanner

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