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April 18, 2023

Specialized Knowledge Unites with Technology to Create Unique Law Firm

MDK is not like most other law firms.  

We multiply the value of our impressive legal experience exponentially by providing vital business services and proprietary technologies that dramatically improve your efficiency.    

Clients value our professional services that include not only the legal guidance and representation you expect from a top-notch law firm, but also our business analytics, reputation protection, training, and short- and long-term staffing support options. With every engagement, we explore what drives your success before tailoring our services to meet your specific needs.

At MDK, we also invest in technology that ensures accuracy, efficiency, and simplicity for our clients. Our client-centered innovation, The MDK Client CoLab, is an easy-to-use to use collaboration portal that connects you and your cases with our systems in real time. You have complete control of all of your cases quickly and easily. That, in turn, let you focus on higher priority issues and tasks.

The MDK Client CoLab

Here’s how The MDK Client CoLab works.

  • Streamlined Communication: Because the CoLab consolidates communication in one place, it eliminates emails and spreadsheets outside the system. Ask questions about a case, deliver instructions, and respond to our requests for information within the system.  
  • Real Time Access to Case Details: The “Matters at a Glance” dashboard provides access to a case’s most important details quickly and clearly.  Whether you need to check a single case’s status, monitor a group of them, or review your entire portfolio, the corresponding case notes, tasks, documents, fees, and costs are all in one place.  
  • Customized Reporting: The interactive dashboard lets you create any customized report you need. View the status of active matters, look ahead at upcoming case events, valuate trends, and conduct financial and quality reviews – all in one place. The reporting potential is endless.
  • Electronic Document Execution: Our technology simplifies document execution through Docusign™ integration. Sign and notarize any document electronically from your computer or mobile device.

Generating Value

At MDK, we don’t just add value. We generate it. Our clients experience it with every interaction. Whether that value comes from our highly specialized knowledge or our technology’s ability to do high-volume work required for compliance, we give our clients what they need to be effective and efficient. Ready to get started? Contact Megan Spanner at jms@manleydeas.com.

*This article originally appeared in the Spring 2023 issue of Developments Magazine. Click here to read the full issue!

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